Car rental terms and conditions

Driver's age: Minimum 18 years old.
Driving license: The driver has to have a national or international driving license.
Vehicle rental: Pricing is calculated both by day (24 h) and by the hour unless there is another settlement between the client and the company. In case of a delay of delivery there is an extra charge per hour that is equal to 1/5 of the daily price.
Vehicle insurance: The insurance of our vehicles is "simple liability". This means that if the client causes an accident the insurance company is going to compensate only the sufferer
Accident: In case of an accident the client is obligated to inform the company and the police and adduce the log sheet of the event upon delivery of the vehicle.
Theft coverage: The client is exempted of responsibility in case of a vehicle theft if he pays the aggreeable amount / day.
Fines & other payments: Fines and other consequences are the responsibility of the client and he needs to pay them in the respective authorities or private entities (eg tolls) and adduce the payment receipt upon delivery of the vehicle. If he fails to comply then he will also be charged of an extra amount (15€) reffered as "Incident Report Expenses".
Fuel: The value of fuels is paid by the client. The client is obligated to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that was available when he received the car.
Availability: The vehicles are available according to initial booking but in some rare occasions
Extra driver: The first extra driver is offered for free.
Vehicle usage: The vehicle can be used only by the people reffered to in the contract. It is not allowed to drive the vehicle in areas that are off limits according to the map the company provides when the client first receives his vehicle. Off limits areas are NOT covered by insurance so
Sea transfer: In order to travel by boat with the car the client needs a written permission that he can take from our offices. The insurance does not cover any damages that might be caused during the vehicle's transportation.
Km limits: No km limit.
Kid's seat: There is no extra charge for a kid's seat but you need to ask it and there needs to be one available.
Vehicle keys: In case the client loses or damages a key he will have to cover the expenses for replacing or fixing the key.
Receiving the vehicle: When the client receives a vehicle they will check its condition and upon delivery the vehicle should be in the same state otherwise the client will need to pay for the damage.

Cancellation policy: If the cancellation takes place: ?
30 or more days prior the client's arrival date we offer a full refund (other expenses will be paid by the client eg bank transfer expenses) ?.
29 to 15 days prior the client's arrival date we offer a 50% refund (other expenses will be paid by the client eg bank transfer expenses) .
14 or less days prior the client's arrival date we offer no refund whatsoever.

In case you choose to pay via deposit and you don't deposit the required amount within 3 days your booking will be automatically cancelled.

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